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When it is time to sell your property you will possibly be tempted to list it with numerous local agents. This is typically because you are unaware that nowadays, most professional agents belong to an MLS. An MLS is a multi-listing system which allows agents to share their listings with other agents.

This makes lot of sense to owners as they will only ever have to deal with one primary agent. There will be only one set of photos or video to take, and only one agent to give a key to if you do not live in the property. This removes the confusion which often occurs when too many agents have the same property for sale. It also adds a level of security to an uninhabited property as only one agent has a key.


Our Listing Criteria

As established property professionals we are aware that all owners want the best possible price for their property. We are also aware that listing a property which is overpriced, especially in a busy market, is not a viable listing. It will be a waste of our time and yours.

Properties which need a lot of work or even a total reform are in equal demand as a completely refurbished properties. Ultimately it all boils down to the price  we agree upon and the expectations of both buyers and sellers.

If we deem a property to be incorrectly priced or in need of work, we will advise you as to our recommendations. This could mean dropping or increasing the price, simple painting and decorating or more in depth work such as a reform.

When your property and your expectations meet ours, then we will do our very best to sell your property for the best possible price.


Paperwork Required From You

In order to list your property for sale, we are required to be in possession of certain documents. These include:

  • Nota Simple –
  • Certificado de energia / Energy certificate – this will need to be ordered and an inspection made by a third party professional
  • Alcantarilla / Sewage Receipts
  • Agua / Water Receipts
  • Basura / Rubbish Receipts
  • Electricidad / Electricity Receipts
  • IBI Receipts
  • An inventory of all contents which will be left behind and sold with the property
  • Identification documents of the owners and you contact details
  • Solicitors name and contact details


Marketing your property in order to sell your property

Once we have agreed to list your property we will take professional photos and a short video walk though.

We will visit and collect details about your property. This will include the layout, dimensions and assist you with getting an energy certificate.

We advertise both locally and internationally on property portals and our own websites. We also work with an excellent network of other agents in Spain and overseas.

Our team is multi-lingual speaking English, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish and Danish. This allows us to work with clients from more countries and improves our access to international buyers.

We recommend that absent owners arrange a ‘Power of Attorney’ with their solicitor. This can then be used if they are unable to attend the final closing at the notary’s office.

Ultimately, our goal is to sell your property for you at the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.

The vast majority of properties that we sell are sold for asking price or very close to it. If you are happy with that, then please contact us and tell us about your property.

We look forward to working with you!

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Recently Sold Properties



Alhaurin el Grande town house for saleAn older townhouse in the old part of Alhaurin El Grande. It was of traditional design on the interior and was ideal for clients willing to do a little painting and a very light reform.

The greats views and central location made this property a very easy decision for the new buyers







Recently sold townhouse in Alhaurin el Grande. Sell your property with us!


This was a great 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse located in the old town of Alhaurin El Grande.

It had been completely reformed and was in super condition throughout. The new owners intend to rent the house out on the short term rental market. We are confident that the property will do very well with visiting families.